Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle

Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle

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    The Vanhunks 9’8ft Pike fishing kayak is designed for speed, comfort, stability, and maneuverability on flat water and the ocean.

    Bundle and save on select deals while supplies last! Hit the water with an advantage with the 9'8 Pike Fishing Fin Drive Bundle and Live Your Legend.
    Bundle Includes:
    • 9'8 Pike Fishing
    • Vanhunks Fin Drive
    • Kayak Paddle
    • Aluminum Adjustable Seat
    • Tool/Storage Box
    • Rudder System

    Length: 275 cm / 9’8 ft
    Width: 87 cm / 35 inches
    Height: 34 cm / 14 inches
    Weight w/out drive: 28 kg / 62 lbs
    Weight with drive: 33.8 kg / 75 lbs
    Maximum Weight Capacity: 190 kg / 419 lbs



    • 1 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings.
    • 1 Tool Pod
    • 1 Deluxe aluminum adjustable seats
    • 2 Storage hatched (Large bow hatch and center square hatch)
    • 2 Molded-in side handles
    • 3 Molded-in carry handles (front and back)
    • 1 Drain plug
    • 6 Scupper plugs
    • 1 Swivel rod holder
    • 2 Integrated fishing rod holders
    • 2 Accessory rails
    • 2 Adjustable Footrests (can be converted to control rudder system)
    • 2 Molded-in tackle box holders
    • 1 fish finder compartment
    • 2 Cupholders
    • Bungee cords at back tank well area (with 6 D-rings)
    • Hand controlled rudder system


    • Motor Mount
    • Electric Motor
    • Drive Cover
    • Fish finder
    • Fin Drive System
    • Prop Drive System




        The Vanhunks 9'8 Pike Fishing Kayak combines speed, comfort, stability, and maneuverability for flat water and ocean excursions. The Pike's removable Tool Pod offers exceptional adaptability, allowing easy transformation with a fin drive, propeller drive or the Vanhunks E-box for multiple upgrade options in one kayak.

        Crafted from robust 5mm Polyethylene, the Pike blends strength and sleek design. Its optimized hull design ensures maneuverability with a shorter shape, while the double pontoon hull and square stern to guarantee unwavering stability. Efficient water flow through the hull channels enhances traction and speed. 

        Despite its compact size, the Pike provides excellent buoyancy and a generous 418lb weight capacity. Ample storage space is integrated into the design. The adjustable foot or hand-controlled rudder system ensures precise control and limited drift. The rudder system is Bixpy motor-compatible, and brass inserts allow easy side motor mounting.

        The Pike features six removable scupper plugs for water release in choppy conditions. Storage convenience is assured with a square hatch in front of the raised seat and drainage holes at the stern. Enjoy ample gear storage with the spacious bow's flip-up hatch and the stern's bungee storage tank well. Coming equipped with our raised Deluxe Aluminium seat, the Pike offers adjustable comfort and keeps you dry.

        The molded-in high or low seating position allows for easy chair height adjustment. Accessory rails accommodate additional rod holders, and built-in spacing simplifies Garmin Fish Finder installation. The Vanhunks Pike Fishing Kayak is a versatile and comfortable choice for avid fishermen and recreational paddlers alike, delivering an unmatched water adventure experience.



        • Always store kayak in a shaded area and out of direct sunlight.
        • Do not hang your kayak through the handles.
        • Store your kayak on the side with the weight evenly displaced.
        • Do not tie or try to secure your kayak through the handles.
        • To avoid warping, ensure your kayak’s weight displacement is even during storage.
        • Do not over tighten your kayak, especially in hot conditions as this can distort your kayak’s shape.

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