Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle
Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle

Vanhunks 10'4 Shad with Fin Drive Bundle

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    The Shad is a thrilling kayak with one of its key advantages, its exceptional stability, and adaptability. The kayak’s stability was given top priority, and it stays level on the water thanks to its flat bottom and pontoon channels, which gives you the assurance to sit or stand confidently.

      Length: 305 cm / 10’4 ft
      Width: 89 cm / 35 inches
      Height: 36.5 cm / 14 inches
      Weight w/out drive: 32 kg / 71 lbs
      Weight with drive: 37 kg / 81 lbs
      Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 kg / 440 lbs

      Bundle and save on select deals while supplies last! Hit the water with an advantage with the 10'4 Shad Fin Drive Bundle and Live Your Legend.

      Bundle Includes:

      • 10'4 Shad
      • Vanhunks Fin Drive
      • Kayak Paddle
      • Aluminum Adjustable Seat
      • Tool/Storage Box
      • Rudder System



      • 1 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings.
      • 1 Tool Pod
      • 1 Deluxe aluminum adjustable seats
      • 2 Storage hatched (Large bow hatch and round hatch behind paddler)
      • 2 Molded-in side handles
      • 3 Molded-in carry handles (front and back)
      • 2 Drain plug
      • 6 Scupper plugs
      • 1 Swivel rod holder
      • 4 Integrated fishing rod holders
      • 3 Accessory track rails
      • 2 Adjustable Footrests (can be converted to control rudder system)
      • 2 Molded-in tackle box holders
      • 1 fish finder compartment
      • 2 Cupholders
      • Bungee cords at back tank well area (with 6 D-rings)
      • Hand controlled rudder system
      • Fin Drive


      • Motor Mount
      • Electric Motor
      • Drive Cover
      • Fish finder



          The Shad 10'4 Kayak is a remarkable craft ahead of its time, tailored for both avid fishermen and relaxed paddlers who appreciate the surroundings.

          With a focus on stability and versatility, the Shad offers a removable toolbox on the deck and a flat bottom with pontoon channels that keep the kayak balanced, allowing for easy sitting or standing on the water with confidence. Designed for speed and maneuverability, the sleek hull lines and double pontoon hull ensure optimal water flow, enhancing traction and increasing speed.

          The Shad features an interchangeable adjustable foot control or hand-controlled rudder system, providing direct action and minimizing drift for maintained speed compatible with the Bixpy motor, adding extra convenience.

          Ample storage options include a large equipment hatch at the bow, a round hatch behind the paddler, and a spacious tank well in the squared off stern with secure bungee cords. The raised deluxe aluminum seating offers a slightly elevated position, improving paddling efficiency, and visibility, and keeping you dry. The adjustable seating can be easily moved along the track system.

          Designed with fishing in mind, the Shad is equipped with four built in angled rod holders, three accessory rails for additional rod holders or accessories, and provisions for mounting a fish finder with pre-assembled inserts and transducer protection.

          Whether on flat water, lakes, rivers, or smooth sea conditions, the Shad excels, providing an enjoyable fishing experience with its exceptional design.



          • Always store kayak in a shaded area and out of direct sunlight.
          • Do not hang your kayak through the handles.
          • Store your kayak on the side with the weight evenly displaced.
          • Do not tie or try to secure your kayak through the handles.
          • To avoid warping, ensure your kayak’s weight displacement is even during storage.
          • Do not over tighten your kayak, especially in hot conditions as this can distort your kayak’s shape.

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