How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board?

When choosing a stand up paddle board, there are many factors you need to consider. Where you plan on riding, the type of riding, your skill level, and paddler preferences all come into play. You must also consider the board’s weight, volume, capacity, size, and of course price. Below is everything you need to know about choosing the right paddle board for you.




Where: Lakes, Ponds & Marshes (flat water)

SUP Style: All Around SUP Models

Paddler Experience: Beginner / Intermediate

Lakes, ponds & marshes typically have one thing in common – flat water. Flat water provides a great and easy environment to learn how to paddle board. All Around SUP models are perfect for flat water environments because of their stability focused characteristics and as such are great for beginners and even intermediate paddlers. As their name implies, all around models are great for most conditions and are decently maneuverable. All Around Models are typically larger in width with a larger deck pad to match, and as a result are much easier to use.



Where: Bays, Large Lakes & Oceans

SUP Style: Intermediate/Expert Touring Specific Models

Paddler Experience: Intermediate / Expert

Bays, lakes and oceans provide an excellent opportunity to cover long distances and explore. Touring models are an excellent choice for intermediate and expert paddlers looking to travel longer distances more efficiently than traditional surf style shapes. The touring models feature a slight displacement hull, allowing them to glide on the water and carry more speed over long distances. If long distance paddling and exploring in bays, lakes or oceans is your thing, then touring boards are perfect for you.



Where: Waves

SUP Style: Surfing SUP Models

Paddler Experience: Intermediate / Expert

Looking for a paddle board to have a blast in the surf? Surfing SUPs are great for wave riding and are highly maneuverable due to their planing hull. A planing hull is wide, and tapers towards the edges of the board (like the bottom of a boat, but less drastic) and allows for banking and sharper turns. Ready to shred but with the easy of a paddle board? Shop our selection of surf models.



Where: Any location!

SUP Style: Inflatable Paddle Board Models

Paddler Experience: Beginner / Intermediate

Can’t pinpoint exactly where you’ll be riding your board or value being able to take it anywhere? An inflatable board is the ideal choice for you. Inflatable Paddle Boards offer a complete portable package at a price anyone can afford. When deflated, they pack down into the size of a sleeping bag and inflate in just minutes. The true advantage of Inflatable Paddle Boards are their ability to be taken on any journey. If you seek portability, durability, and value, this is your-go to paddle board – especially for beginners seeking an economical first time package.


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