As a beginner your main goal is to have fun on the water and explore what paddle boarding has to offer. Calm waters provide the ideal conditions to learn – lakes, ponds and marshes. When it comes to choosing a paddle board style, beginners often prefer wider, more stable stand-up paddle boards. We recommend Inflatable and All Around SUP models as they are the most popular styles of beginner boards.


An experienced paddler has spent a considerable amount of time honing in on their paddle boarding skills and has identified their favorite locations to paddle. Some experienced paddlers are focused on efficiency. Speed, maneuverability and glide are just a few of the many factors they consider when choosing a paddle board. Other experienced riders use their board as an extension of their hobbies. For example, yoga and fishing SUPs provide their rider an affordable way to take their respective hobbies out onto the water.

Whether in calm or choppy water, an experienced paddle boarder can handle it all, with the right board of course. Our Touring, Racing and Surfing SUP models are the most popular styles for experienced paddlers that focus on performance. Meanwhile, our Yoga and Fishing models are a nice way for the rider to get out onto the water and enhance their yoga or fishing experience.


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